Superior Venom Custom Action figure.

I used a Super Action Statue Kars body and lower legs and feet from Super Action Statue Star Platinum, I Sculpted the head from scratch, the back piece that the Spider legs attach top is also sculpted from scratch.

The spider legs are from an LOTR Shelob statue, I cut the statues legs up and articulated the with revoltech joints. I sculpted over the legs to achieve that twisted texture. The spider legs tips are made from scratch.

I sculpted over the torso of Kars to change his anatomy to better fit the character, he comes with a pair of hands. Clawed hands from a Marvel Legends Black Panther and the fists are from Kars.

Thanks for looking! And I am always open to commissions!

Flash Thompson Agent Venom custom action figure in his Thunderbolt colors.I

A buddy of mine had this guy lying around unfinished so he let me wrap him up.

I resculpted the areas before his shoulders where his shoulder armor attaches, resculpted the back of his shin armor, sculpted the Agent Venom head using a Hasbro ML Black Panther head as a base, Reworked the lower shin armor, added the Tendrils that peg into his back as well, screwed in a screw into his neck to allow for a pair of interchangeable Magnetized heads, then drilles in each individual spike and wrapped him up with flat black on the body, satin black for the inner eyes and a Dark blue and Grey drybrush to pick up some details.




Having a Superior Venom being made by a buddy. Using Super Action Statue JJBA figures as the base (Kars, and Star Platinum) super articulated.

The Spider legs are from a LOTR Shelob figure that have been cut and given revoltech joints.
(with Jotaro in as a place order just to show the legs are able to support hold up a figure)

The base figures were stripped and sanded of factory paint and dipped in black dye.

Sculpting has been started and will be smoothed out soon.

dats me

Deadpool Custom action figure

Marvel Legends Scale Deadpool photo dump.
Sculpted armor, magnetic heads, fabricated shoulder holster, cool removable grenades and a giant Bazooka.

He’s finally up for auction here!

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